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EurAsia Cross-Border Community

Why Eurasia Cross-Border Community ?

As European Retailers or Brands,

you can find good suppliers as partners in Asia here.

As Asian Brands, Startup or Manufacturers

you can find European Retailers or Brands here.

As Service Providers

you can find good suppliers as partners in Asia here.

As Inventors, Investors, or any Individuals

you can register to access members-only good deals from other members.


Members are registered individual, business owners or project managers. New registration is pre-defined as Regular member, who can apply to be a Vendor, if he/she are running business who can provide products to other members as trading purpose.

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Groups are created by approved members for joint discussion of specific subjects. The group administrator can invites his/her connected members to join the group discussion. Any other members can also apply to join the group upon approval by group administrator.

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Partners are sponsoring members who provide support with resource to build up and maintaining the daily operations of this community. The sponsorship are normally provided either by financial contribution or other resource related to this setup and maintain this community.

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we are looking for good deals or business

opportunities between Europe and Asia.